A Cupcake Social




Main Location: Minneapolis

            Moving to the streets in 2012, Cupcake Social is the second of Minneapolis’ dessert-based Trucks. Bigger, periwinkle blue, and presenting itself with more of a gourmet “flare,” Social really brings that oh so popular “high class cupcake” trend to the street.

            A little smaller than Cupcake on the Go’s, they’re a little more suited to carrying and eating on the street. Large variety of flavors (quite extensive, as one can see on their website’s menu), they usually offer 5 or more flavors on each trip. All of which are displayed on a hanging television for easy and convenient viewing.


Food: 9

                Very carefully created, focusing a little more on the concept of finesse. The cake I had was light and spongy, with a very well balanced mix of frosting and filling. Not quite as “scrumptious,” at least the simple white cupcakes aren’t, they’re more that feeling of a fun little “treat” to have between lunch sessions.

                The cupcakes I saw during my visits were all of the simpler kind. Not sure if they only use those styles for the truck, or if it was just one of those days. I’m expecting and hoping for the latter.


Holdability: 9.5

                 As I said, a little smaller than the other cupcakes, so more of that holdability.

Price: 8.5

                Low-priced item,  that idea of charging certain prices for a simple cupcake stands out more. Though this may just be due to Truck design.

Speed: 10

                Instant cupcake upon payment.

The TOE: 7.5

               Very big, well-designed truck with a snazzy way of displaying their menu and product, Social produces a really light, relaxing way of doing business. Its bright colors and smiling faces beckon with the same appeal that many successful cupcake shops seam to do.

               That, however, is where my issue seems to lie. Social has a lot of points and auras that deem it a proper Food Truck, but it FEELS like a Cupcake Shop, a business. Blame that little focus on the Gourmet, it took away from some of the feeling of the “street.”


                         Tally: 43.5/50

Final Thoughts

            For when you feel like a little treat but don’t want to find a shop in the skyway. No particular suggestion of flavors, just look for what suits you and hope it’s there.

9 thoughts on “A Cupcake Social

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