Taqueria la Hacienda




Main Location: Minneapolis           

             Anyone who loves eating true, traditional, hand-made Mexican food (not Mexican-style, not Tex-Mex, true and simple Mexican cuisine) knows that, outside of Latin-neighborhood markets, it is hard to find.

            Instead, Taqueria la Hacienda takes their cuisine to YOU, giving easier access to the true flavors for Downtown-Minneapolis stuck residents. Offering the same variety of wrappings (with the Masa tortillas) as their restaurant, and almost as many fillings, Taqueria is a great truck to find at least one thing you are sure to love.

            Big, long and yellow, with many windows, the ice bins behind the glass are filled with Mexican Coke, Jarritos Sodas, and various regular cans and bottles. Every menu item and filling looks exactly like what one expects to find wandering into the Supermercado Central.


Food: 8.5

             Cooked simply with traditional flavors and spices, Taqueria excels within the heart of the true Mexican comfort food. All the tortillas are Masa-made, tacos are the traditional double-stack to use with any dropped fillings (and they do drop, quite loaded these fellas are). A squeeze of lime over the intense, rich sauce-laden meats, sprig of cilantro to go, and one gets exactly what they’re looking for.

            I haven’t had their beans or rice, so I can’t make a statement about their quality yet.

Holdability: 8


            Varies depending on the item, all served in baskets though. Burritos and Quesadillas seem compact and easy, and tacos aren’t a problem with their second tortilla. As with any good Mexican café, they do serve quite a lot with certain courses, which can lead to sit-down requirements. Those ones are rarely what one would immediately go for anyways, however, due to price and unfamiliarity.

Price: 9

             Fantastic prices for the money conscious!! While at the same time keeping the quality, they only charge $2 for a single taco, and $2.68 for specialties, leaving it the perfect Food Truck for the samplers just trying to cross off their lists. Then you come back because it’s so good, and you go for an $8 burrito, quesadilla, or other.

            Okay, I have to mention the prices too. 2.68, 8.07, 8.83, 8.18, 2.42, 1.08 (last two are drinks). It doesn’t really mean anything, but it is SO fun to see a place that does something besides all “$X.99c” or flat singles.

Speed: 8.5

            Regular speed, the simplicity of many dishes making them pretty quick to put together.

The TOE: 8

            Up in Minnesota, we rarely get the chance to experience the feeling of a traditional International Food Cart of any sort, much like they do in New York. Taqueria really brings that feeling of the Street back to us, along with multiple other restaurant-focused items for those with different tastes. I was really happy to see a Truck like this that stuck with just the traditional, and can’t wait to get back and try something else.

                       Tally: 42/50


Final Thoughts

            Best way to approach is to get one or two tacos, see what you think of their fillings, then come back again later (if you like it) to get whatever style of serving you prefer. Definitely a good place to stop for a Mexican Coke or specialty soda as well to drink with their, or others’, street food.

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