Saucy Burt’s


Main Location: Minneapolis           

            My introduction to Saucy Burt’s was a small article in the Vitamn Restaurant section. It was lucky for me that I just so happened to read that week’s issue too, otherwise I doubt I would have ever noticed and found it to this day. Very small and discreet of a cart, Saucy can be missed quite easily if you aren’t looking.

            Located on Nicolette, usually a couple blocks up from Dandelion’s spot, Saucy serves one item and one item only: the Meatball Sub. Spending months of time on research in recipes and bakeries, Sarah Burt combines the three chosen items into one fantastic, thought-out sandwich. 

Though this solo idea may not last for long; Sarah’s thinking of slowly adding items to the menu plans. Next time you visit, you may find your Veal-Beef-Pork Meatball sharing the list with a Chicken Cacciatore.


Food: 5.5

                  I was very shocked after ordering my sub. Who would have thought that after all the testing and research the Chef had done, the end result would be… disappointing.

                Do not get me wrong; the meatballs are fantastic and tasty, paired with a rich and creamy tomato sauce. The sauce, however, does that thing where it doesn’t actually STICK to the meatballs; all the tiny tomato pieces just slide onto the bun. Talking about the bun, there is noticeably too much of it en ratio with the 3 small meatballs. It just makes that thick, chewy cold bread-flavor in your mouth while you eat. There’s no toast on it either; just sliced from the package and filled. Even if it has to be done long ahead of time, some texture and crunchiness would improve greatly and take down on the ratio issue. That, and using a smaller torpedo roll, or adding 1-2 meatballs.

                If one is going to sell only one menu item, and a very traditional one at that, every single point needs to excel and keep to traditional standards. That means component ratios need to be perfect, and the sauce needs to COAT and surround the meatballs completely. It is still a very tasty sub, but these little off-kilter mistakes can make the mistakes glaring, at least for people like me at least.

Most of the readers probably won’t care, I understand, but this is how I see things, and I think it should be a shared and known viewpoint.

Holdability: 10

                 As it is, the meatball holds up really well; could easily ditch the basket it’s served in. Though I feel this is contrasting to how meatball subs usually should be…

Price: 8

                 Only $7, a very affordable price, though as it’s the only one it leaves little room for variable options. Plus, with the uneven quality of the sub, it only just reaches that full $7 worth.

Speed: 9.5

                 Very quick, especially considering she knows what everyone is ordering, simply requires the layering of meatball and sauce in roll. Though I don’t quite get why she doesn’t keep the meatballs IN the sauce; makes things go a couple seconds quicker, and can always have some non-sauced on the side just in case.

The TOE: 8


                A single-person operated, small cart selling only one item holds a fun little appeal all too familiar with traditional street foods. Putting one’s all into making a “perfect” item also holds a lot of risk and admiration. Personally, I actually hope they stick with just one item; you lose some of that special appeal when you expand, whether the single item needs cleaning up or not.

                       Tally: 40/50

Final Thoughts

            I say see if they make changes similar to what I’ve noticed or just don’t go at all. If you do feel the need to scratch it off a list, again it’s not THAT bad of a sub, and only $7 so you aren’t sacrificing much. Plus, if the Cacciatore is added, it would probably be a good option to try.

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