Time for War


For those who haven’t already been made aware, it seems that the “Downtown Food Committee,” basically a group formed from the various Skyway Restaurant/Food Court business owners, has now officially moved past the point of “complaining about their new competition” to “Actually trying to change the Laws” so that the Food Trucks don’t affect their businesses as much. Yesterday they all got together to discuss the particular oridnances with the City, and see if any changes can and “need” to be made.


Currently quite a few articles have been posted already, a few good ones are:




I have a very strong opinion about this, which I would normally love to rant about on here. However, there have been a few comments and replies to these articles already, two of which are my own, and I really believe that they all form a very good collective insight and idea for my own feelings. I truly beseech anyone reading this Post of mine to read at least one or two of the articles I have linked, as well as the replies at the end of each, becuase the truly embody the ridiculousness that this “Committee” has set its complaints as.

There is one very big, positive take away from this entire event. A Mr. John Levy, Manager (or something similar) of the AZCanteen Truck, also took part in the meeting to voice his thoughts on the subject. Not only that, word is that Levy is now looking into the idea of forming our very own Food Truck Association for the City. If this can come to pass, not only would we have yet another function to really unite and build our new, growing Food Truck Culture, but the Association would form a more concrete basis for which the various Truck Businesses can help defend eachother from attacks such as this.

I myself really look forward to this, and hope to find ways to know and connect with this Association whenever it is formed.


Let us hope that the results of this meeting have not born any negative Fruits, and that us loyal Foodies can band together to support and fight alongside our Local Trucks in this particular time of annoyance. If those reading this now can do anything to help spread this message of Union and Spirit as far as possible, then hopefully we can block and defuse any future attempts of this sort.

For now, a silent prayer for our Food Truck Brethren, and a shake of my head in sadness and disappointment towards the actions of the Downtown Food Committee.

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