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            What kind of blog focused on Street Food would this be if we didn’t talk about hot dog carts sooner or later? And when we have a certain cart named Natedogs, skirting around the topic becomes blasphemy.

            When I first saw that bright orange cart with the umbrella just sitting randomly on a corner, my legs walking fast as I move myself to the current job, my first thoughts were “hot dog cart… what the hell?” Later I find out it’s an official addition to the rest of our entrepreneur Street Vendors, and my curiosity is peaked; but still not that much. All I could think of was “how good could a hot dog and bratwurst cart be?”

            Ahhhh, how cute, innocent and moronic I was back then.

            Nate Beck has created the epitome of what a Hot Dog Cart can ever be. Every single ingredient and item on the cart is either locally, quality sourced or made by himself, mostly with local ingredients. Pork wieners and brats are made from family farmed, hormone-free pigs. He makes his own Beer Mustards, having quite the passion for mustard and brats, along with any other fantastic and fun condiment (apparently there’s a bacon jam…). Soda is from Spring Grove, and the soft buns are local.

            It is quite the combination for a fun visit.

            Oh, word of advice… don’t EVER mention ketchup when you stop by, not unless Nate decides to make his own.


Food: 9

                Bratwurst and Wiener heaven, the flavors and toppings tend to reminisce the hometown comforts of peppers, onions, sauerkraut , mustard, and so many others. Toppings are great, but we eat for the meat; the sausage mixes are rich and juicy, with that nice snap from the earlier-grilled skin. Local and organic products always do make for better food, especially when one gets to the simpler pleasures such as these.

Holdability: 10

                It’s a hot dog, ‘nuff said.

Price: 10

                 Certainly higher priced than other bratwurst and hot dog options, but not by much. In the whole scope of quality street food, this still provides a higher affordability while holding the high worth of the product.

Speed: 10

                 No reason to detail, straight from the cart and into the bun, garnish with favorite sauces.


The TOE: 10

                Hot Dog carts are an iconic symbol of the street; by dressing it up and turning it into a high-quality, local-driven mirror of its former self, Nate has taken the familiar and ramped it to Legendary. Not only is this Street food, this is Good food, one which any brat lover will be going back to anytime they see it standing on that random corner on their way to work.

                        Tally: 49/50

Final Thoughts

            This cart is a must stop; not the least because it is quick, cheap, and one doesn’t have to worry about it filling up when not hungry. There is no real menu item suggestion, both the simple brat-mustard and the unique options have their high points. Just choose to your taste.

            Certainly ideal for days of visiting multiple Trucks for menu sampling.

            Oh, and if I ever get the chance to visit New York, I’m gonna visit as many good hot dog stands I can find just to say “Yeah, sorry, but we have a better guy up in Minnesota.”


           Cuz that’s pride right there.

12 thoughts on “Natedogs

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