Home Street Home



Main Location: St. Paul

            It was thundering when I first visited HSH.

            I finally had a day free during the weekly “Lunch by the River” event, and as there were a few I hadn’t seen yet, I decided to head down. As my luck would have it, rain came down in the morning. I checked the weather, but it seemed okay, and they don’t shut down Lunch by the River for that, so I continued down.

            Then it started to rain HARD and thunder… the loud kind; after that I heard a siren, and after that I started running around in circles. But, I was there for a reason, so I grabbed my food and headed for the nearest overhang (the trees weren’t that much help). Luckily the sirens and thunder passed to a simple annoyance, and I got on with the rest of my stops that day.

            HSH offers a variety of different menu items, with flavors and options changing often. Really, one of the very few trucks that seems to have absolutely NO leaning to any kind of style other than stereotypical street food: Burgers, tacos, quesadillas, gyros, sandwiches, you name it. This isn’t the generic, mass-optioned menu one sees at the random corner bar near your house; this is the good stuff.

            Local grass fed beef, homemade ketchups and sauces with good cheese for the burger; four quality cheeses and jalapeno jam on the Grilled Cheese; Pulled Pork roasted in Summit IPA… and these are only three examples.

Food: 9.5

             So far, I have had their blue-cheese stuffed burger (their suggestion) and the corned beef. It is somewhat hard to think of how I want to describe these, so I will just say simply. The attention to quality sourced products and homemade condiments is felt pretty clearly. I would probably give them a perfect score here, but with this kind of menu, it’s hard for even ME to get a good sense with only two items.


             Oh, but the corned beef? Made like grilled cheese, all gooey with the textured crust, still with the big pile of beef inside.

             Ultimately, a very scrumptious and satisfying experience both times I went; it is very easy to find oneself craving this truck.

Holdability: 6.5

             I really don’t like this category for this truck because there are so many different menu items on here. Some of these lift and handle easily while walking, whereas others require a place to set down and go at it with both hands. The only constants among them all is that A: everything comes in a basket, some with chips, and B: you CAN eat with your hands, though some are a bit messy about it (particularly the burger).

Price: 8.5

             Varied, there are some higher and some lower, and I would definitely say it is worth it.

Speed: 8

              Average good speed for these items; just know the simpler items will take quicker than a burger.

The TOE: 10

              Home Street Home’s Big Toe starts with their name; it’s not something one might think has THAT much bearing on any food establishment. Sometimes though, you go to a place and read the name and it has just that SLIGHT note of warmth and “rightness” to it that, when the food is eaten and done, makes it all complete.

              Normally, I don’t like “variety” menus and trucks; as the practice usually feels like a cheap way to grab different customers without putting much effort into it. But, when a place does it RIGHT, and makes sure every single one is special and unique, you have found a hangout, a place to go back to.

              I love reading their menu. Each item has either some little new addition or focus on fresh and tasty ingredients within their toppings. It shows that certain level of “chef fun” a good food truck can have. At the end of the day, HSH has all of these mixed with that fantastic Unknown Aura that really gives that Food Truck feeling when you’re there.

Service: +2.5

               I feel they deserve an extra point of note for this. When I was standing with my umbrella in the rain and the sirens started, trying to make a call to my dad (and one of the only customers out there at the time), one of the first things an employee did was ask me if I wanted to stand inside. It was a very thoughtful and nice action which I still appreciate. We were able to get into some nice chats as well, and they even offered me the possibility of working there.

              I’d probably give them more, but one has to recognize situational happenings in unique times like that.

                        Tally: 45/50


Final Thoughts

            Okay, when you are at that point when you have absolutely NO IDEA what truck you want to go to, this is where you want to go. I can basically tell you no matter what your general street food preference, they will have a good, satisfying version of it. If I were to narrow down specifics for the Food Hunters, I guess I could force myself to suggest:

  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger (homemade ketchup should never be missed)
  • Corned Beef Sandwich (not easy to find one in street foods, and this is griddled to perfection)
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich (cooked in Summit, seriously, eat it)
  • Grilled Cheese (great when looking for lower prices on Food Truck Scavenger days)

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