Tot Boss


Main Location: St. Paul

            Another recent addition in the last year, Tot Boss is the stereotypical truck one would think when asked the question: “What kind of Food Stand should we open up in Minnesota?” And thank god, Dan Docken finally decided to put this idea into action and come out. I truly can’t think of how we actually got through those previous two years without it.

            There’s really nothing much to say or define this fantastic stand; no little intricacies, no hidden techniques, no up and down between differentiating items. Tator tots, tator tots, tator tots, all with different toppings and sides; that is all it is, and it is glorious.

            All the food on the menu is pure heart-clogging goodness, with baskets covered in poutine gravy, nacho cheese, chili, and various other tot-twisted bar food comforts. One can always just get a simple basket of plain tots with dipping sauce and maybe some corn dogs. The most they ever do on weird and creative is putting the lovely tots in a burrito with beef and nacho cheese; served with more tots on the side of course.

            I personally don’t think there’s anything else you need to know, so let us get right to the ratings.


            Oh yeah, a lot of their items are Gluten Free… just don’t ask me about fat and salt.

Food: 8.5

           Oooey, gooey, fried-potato crunchy goodness. This is the food you sit down with a beer with after ripping up your diet schedule for the day. It is not about high end, not about subtle spices, it is just GOOD. I mean what’s better than a Tator Tot? These you can get with gravy and curds, nacho cheese and toppings, cheese and bacon, and casserole style.

           One stand-out downside, surprisingly, is the tots wrapped in bacon. Sounds good, and isn’t all that bad, but the bacon is thin and frozen before frying, so it loses a decent amount of its best qualities. The sauces on the side can also be somewhat beneath the peak of what one would hope for.

Holdability: 6

           Every menu item comes within a basket, so two hands are required, however you still have the burrito and bacon-tots on skewers. With their heft, you definitely want to sit down and chow, but you could probably walk around with most of these without too much issue.

Price: 10

            Six dollars is what you will spend on almost every item. That is the highest you will go without buying extra dipping sauces, which come out as only 50 cents each. Tots on their own are $4.50, which I might be tempted to strike off half a point for, but whoever goes to this truck and just gets plain tots deserves to pay an extra dollar or two than they want.

Speed: 8

             Good speed, nothing to worry about or exclaim to high praise; all they’re doing is frying tots (which I expect they just keep going before the actual orders for when they get a line) and topping with your gooey sauce and extras of choice.


The TOE: 10

              It’s a truck that only sells Tator Tot dishes; not only does this fit the unique theme concept that will often define the aura of a good Food Truck, it’s a perfect addition to our Minnesotan tastes. Whether we want to admit it or not, we grew up on meat, potatoes, and tator tots in school lunch (and later on, bar snacks). This truck is a full-on celebration of this fact, bringing back the nostalgia and cravings for that giant mound of fried deliciousness. Any person that can do that gets a full 10 in my book.

                       Tally: 46.5/50

Final Thoughts

            Go when you have the room to get some good, stomach-filling food, and preferably when there is a place you can sit down to better enjoy. Avoid the Bacon-wrapped and go straight for the Poutine, Nachos, Loaded or Hotdish (or whatever you feel like really, all good).

            Great for when you really are on a budget and want a lot of food. Bad for when you actually care about your cholesterol (still don’t understand why you would though…).

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