Cupcake on the Go



Main Location: Minneapolis

            It’s not a food blog unless we visit desserts, and when we look at sweet-based food trucks, we’re talking cupcakes. Not only are our cities gifted with two fantastic traveling Cupcakerias (still working on my Spanglish…), one of them has proven itself BETTER than others on the National scale.

            Cupcake on the Go, the mobile orange van based off of Cupcake (now with a shop in the Mall of America!) featured itself on 4 different episodes of the last two year’s Cupcake Wars. They came in Second on the first, climbed back to First by winning the Redemption episode. Then they went on to win both episodes of Food Network’s very first Cupcake Champions show.

            Anyone else a bit weirded out that this much State Pride would be cupcake-related?

            The little orange van itself sells a wide variety of their different little bundles of joy. Displaying them with little stickers on the side of the door (sorta like an ice cream truck… but better), making it easy to switch out every now and then, which I imagine they do often. For what they are selling now, one would have to wait until they come out, or you could just go straight to the store for the full gambit.


            Generally a combination of both simpler, well-known styles and unique creations; both well done and quite tasty. One of the more interesting items is a chocolate cupcake with a small amount of cheesecake batter poured on top before baking. I forget the name, but it is a fun little snack and easy to spot; it’s the weird looking one.

Food: 9

             Hello, they beat out 14 other top-ranked competitors in a Food Network series. If their cupcakes weren’t this delicious I would be shocked. Cake is soft, frosting smooth and not too sugary or heavy, flavors come out very well. Due to the pre-packaging, though, I can’t imagine the cakes out of the van truly being QUITE as good as those being made and sold right in the store. So a one point deduction.

Holdability: 9

              They don’t fall apart, easy enough to hold in one hand. May need to peel back with your teeth if the other hand isn’t available; who cares though, that’s just part of the fun. Can get a little messy depending on what you buy, but that’s frosting-messy, no risk of falling apart and getting on shirt/ground.

Price: 9

               To tell the truth, I’m very hazy and unsure if I’m making the right call in this grading. It always feels weird to have to pay so much for cupcakes these days; on the other hand, around $3 is still a small amount compared to other food truck offerings. At the end of the day though, these are pretty darn good cupcakes, and worth any questions of “this much for a cupcake!?” So, 9 points for a cheap purchase.

Speed: 10

               Much like Potter’s Pasties; you tell them what you want, give them the money, and they give you the cupcake ready-to-eat. Hard to get much faster than that.

The TOE: 8

                It’s an orange van that travels around and gives out cupcakes. They’re very fast, very tasty, and a perfect addition to any Food Truck-related 3-or-more-course Meal. Very close to the pure feeling of Food Truck, yet there just seems to be a little something missing… I wonder if it’s the height (small car). Though, it looks like they may be changing vehicles, so this score may change as well.

                         Tally: 45/50


Final Thoughts

            Go out, get your lunch at your favorite Truck, and grab a quick cupcake for dessert with your extra couple dollars. If, for some strange-ass reason, they don’t have a flavor that you like, then find their shop on University or MOA to find your ideal snack. If you have the money to spend and the sweet tooth to match (or friends), grab a few different kinds and give them a full product sample.

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