Bacon Trolley


Main Location: St. Paul

            In the last year, St. Paul experienced something wonderful; the arrival of a Choo Choo carting cured, smoked pork belly, so-called the Bacon Trolley. What really can I say about this bright red food cart made from an actual small trolley?

           Every single damn item has bacon (well, except the fries… boooooo), of which mostly comprises some kind of sandwich and the random taco.

           … it seems many places can’t stand opening up a food stand without a taco… oh well, they taste good.

            The plethora of pork is turned into a very interesting and tasty variety of options. Including a bahn mi made with rich, fatty pork belly (if you have never had pork belly before, this is a good excuse), popcorn tossed with bacon, and a sandwich called the SPANKER! shoved full of all different types of pork (one of which I think is cooked with beer or something… they said so many delicious things I sort of blanked out). Even some bacon to go (seriously, just regular slices of bacon… to go).

B-T 1

            Personally, I don’t get the last one too much, as it’s just regular thin-sliced bacon in a pack (was hoping for the big, meaty bacon like at the Fair), but you gotta admit it’s convenient… and still bacon!

Food: 8

            Pork Belly and Bacon is fantastic, and the sandwiches are great for those with the craving of the salty, meaty goodness; no words can be truly said for the SPANKER!. However, though the Bahn Mi has good bread and ingredients, I would not say it is the best of your options, certainly in the top 5. The rest of the menu sticks with simpler pleasures; both the BLT and Bacon To-Go are good but lack the extra qualities and ingredients to really make you pray to the Gods of Pork on their own. Fries tend to cost more if you want them.

Holdability: 8

             Varies. The Bahn Mi and Bacon easy for one hand; Tacos and BLT for two; popcorn is popcorn; and I imagine one really needs to find a seat for the SPANKER!… quite a messy beast, though worth it.

Price: 8

           Most of the prices are the same as their score; the popcorn comes in really affordable, but the SPANKER! comes in a couple bucks higher, so overall it’s decently priced but at the very slightly higher end.

rdm 0011 bacon trolley

Speed: 8

           Good and average, no worry about wait.

The TOE: 10

            For the love of god, it is a TROLLEY that sells BACON, that is its THEME! That alone completely fills the slot for the real food truck attitude, not to mention the creation of the SPANKER! (ask them about it, it’s quite something). It is the unique focus of a truck on something such as this that usually acts as one of those particular unknown factors that makes you remember and keep coming back.

                       Tally: 42/50

Final Thoughts

            If you don’t have any worries on cutting back lunch costs or have saved up slightly and just want some PORK, go for the top sandwiches and find your happy place. It’s also a good place to stand in front of and take pictures.

           For those relaxing in the city park or walking around, the Bacon Popcorn is a fun $2 snack to keep your tongue’s full attention.

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