Vellee Deli



Main Location: Downtown Minneapolis

            It feels right that the truck that first got me into the Culture is the one which I create my first post around. There are VERY few trucks which I have and will go back to repeatedly, mainly due to my limited budget and focus on trying out as many NEW as I can. I can now count on two hands how many times which I have eaten at Vellee.

And you know what? Every single time was absolutely worth it.

            One of the earliest trucks on the scene. Vellee is now officially recognized in multiple papers as one of, if not THE, top in many categories, Vellee Deli is a Mexican/Pan-Asian fusion truck that focuses mainly on intensely flavorful Asian ingredients wrapped in a Mexican package (overall a pretty popular theme in National Food Trucks, but there’s a reason for that). Their menu is divided simply with a couple items per category: Bahn Mi, Burritos, Tacos, and Enchiladas, plus some hand-made Eggrolls at the bottom.


            With an across-the-board exceptional standard in every category that makes a Food Truck a Food Truck, Vellee has always tied if not beaten my top picks in Best Area Food Truck; you’ll see why when you visit.

                   Food: 9.5

        I haven’t had a single item here that I didn’t love. It is still one of the best Bahn-Mi’s, if ever second it’s only to Scratch (to be fair that’s all they do). The pork is glazed beautifully, the pate is a rich, subtle smear, and the bread is exactly how it should be. Their Burrito has Short Ribs in it (for those unaware of how heavenly short ribs are…. Just eat this burrito, you shall see), the Sausage Bahn Mi is full and spicy (and sells out early), and the tacos are exactly what they should be.

         A half point is held simply because, though always good and consistant, it just barely falls short of that Orgasmic Perfection… though they are damn close.


Holdability: 9

         The Tacos and Enchilada are served in small baskets, so they need two hands, but despite those everything else is highly hand-holdable (we should make this a word….); the ones that aren’t have little to no risk of mess. Even if they do, the Tacos still have the double-tortillas to scoop things up (the best sign of any Taco selling place, they use TWO tortillas for each to sop up any juices and lime left over from the first, a great snack for after).

                 Price: 9

         Most things on the menu are either 7 or 8 dollars. If you’re looking for just a snack, they have Eggrolls for $4-5: you get 5 finger-sized, greasy good rich pork filled fellahs with a dipping sauce. Every item is indeed a full bang for your buck.

                 Speed: 8.5

        Never felt like I’ve had to “wait,” proper speed, which is pretty impressive for their not-so-simple items; not exceptional or super-fast, but I doubt anyone should be angry for their wait.

                 The TOE: 10

        The fact being, whatever it is, Vellee’s got it. You go there, you get the food, and when you walk away all you can think, besides the awesome food in your mouth, is that “this is a Food Truck, and what they should be.” Not all that over the top, but exactly what it should be in all the simplicity. And the name is a fun pun… it will probably haunt your dreams for a few nights.

                  Service: +2

         The guy at the Front remembered me every time I returned, even if it was a bit of a while between visits. I’ve had some nice chats and convos with them when there wasn’t a giant busy line. It’s a great atmosphere to have with a place.

            Tally: 48/50

Final Thoughts

              Go when you want a typical Food Truck experience and are craving either an Asian flavor or aren’t sure if you want a sandwhich, taco, or something else. If you’re doing a multi-truck sampling, get the Eggrolls, good snacks. Also great if you just need something to fill you up for cheap.

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