Little G’s Mobile Pizzeria


Main Location: Markets, Events, Etc


             As far as I can tell, besides Little G’s there is no other actual Food Truck within the state that sells Pizza (again, this is for Trucks only). Luckily, it’s pretty easy to pick out of a crowd, just look for the trailer with the giant brick oven sticking out of its back end.


            The first time I saw it myself, I was quite surprised (something which does not come to me easily, especially with food) and thrilled at the same time (though that always comes with the discovery of a new truck to our growing wheeled scene). Sadly, I was not destined for pizza that day, as I did not have the time nor the stomach to order.


            It was almost an entire year before I saw them again. (This due to a break of the street they had to take, focusing on catering)


            When I finally saw their post, I rushed down to the city, found a tight parking spot, and ran straight for… well, another food truck, I had another thing I wanted to eat that day. Then I got my pizza, sat down near an office, and chowed down.


It was worth the wait.


The Crust is of the thicker, chewy variety, handmade of course. The bottom is swept in that charcoal-covered toast from the oven (the good kind, not the burnt kind). The cheese is thick, gooey and full of grease and fat in all the right ways, piled on along with the rest of the ingredients. Sauce is of the stronger, thicker variety; not exactly delicate.


            They practice a variety of topping styles, generally keeping the traditional pepperoni and sausage on top, but changing out others seasonally. Quite often you will see something on the lines of Prosciutto with Spinach Pesto, Goat Cheese, etc; something a little heavier like a Nordeast (Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut, my favorite); and others.


            Personally, I would suggest you avoid any toppings that seem of the more “delicate” and “lighter” variety, like the Prosciutto kind; it does not suit the pizza and crust at all. The crust is big, flavorful, and chewy, and the toppings need to be heavy to compensate. Not to mention the cheese is piled on, so that alone completely takes over any subtle flavors that a good, thin slice of cured meat is supposed to dance with.


Stick with the big, artery-clogging reminders of the good old days, because those are the exact types of pizzas they SHOULD be making with that crust (I did have a good blue cheese, fig and apple; the blue cheese is a strong enough flavor to make due); it just makes it so satisfying and perfect.


They also stock the simple canned soda, cookies and brownie desserts, which I think may be handmade. However, as are most desserts made for a catering vehicle, I doubt their exceptional quality.



Food: 9

When you do the right toppings, this is one of the best pizzas in the city. It may not be seen as technique driven, artsy, high end as opposed to other city pizzas, but the fact of the matter is it tastes DAMN GOOD; it makes you HAPPY in the purest of senses. The crust works fantastic with the brick oven. If you still haven’t had the chance for a brick oven pizza, then you haven’t had Pizza yet (there is a reason the best reviewed pizzas in the US are made in them).

I’m really hoping that sooner or later they figure out that the heavier styles of toppings are what they really need and start to focus on creating more of and perfecting those styles (I have ideas if you wanna queue me!!).


Holdability: 3

What can you really say, it’s a pizza, and a pretty thick and messy one at that. You can’t eat this without sitting down somewhere. I would suggest having a napkin; at the very least they wrap it up for you so it’s easy to carry. Luckily for us, they usually come out at events where finding a place to sit down isn’t too difficult.


Price: 8.5

Prices range from $9 to the low double digits. Since you’re getting a pizza that one could easily share with another, it’s a pretty darn good deal… though I tend to want one just to myself, so look for someone else.


Speed: 8

Pretty good speed for a pizza place. Then again the line is never very long the times I’m there, so can’t put effort into scoring.


The TOE: 7

                It is a very good food truck, but sadly it doesn’t have quite as much of an “aura” about it as others do. Now, the giant brick oven brings it up pretty far and a unique standout. Still, the only pizzeria food truck out there, so it has a lot of that moxy, but that seems about it, stops right there.


            Tally: 35.5/50



Final Thoughts


Again, get the heavier, richer toppinged pizzas; if they have the Nordeast jump on it, it is SO good. If looking for more of a deal, split the cost with a friend/family member and split it (I’d say split with a group, but you might end up stabbing someone’s hand to get at their slice…).

Also, I’ve seen them do both triangle and square cuttings, so whatever the preference I suggest you ask during the order to ensure you get what you like.

Vellee Deli



Main Location: Downtown Minneapolis

            It feels right that the truck that first got me into the Culture is the one which I create my first post around. There are VERY few trucks which I have and will go back to repeatedly, mainly due to my limited budget and focus on trying out as many NEW as I can. I can now count on two hands how many times which I have eaten at Vellee.

And you know what? Every single time was absolutely worth it.

            One of the earliest trucks on the scene. Vellee is now officially recognized in multiple papers as one of, if not THE, top in many categories, Vellee Deli is a Mexican/Pan-Asian fusion truck that focuses mainly on intensely flavorful Asian ingredients wrapped in a Mexican package (overall a pretty popular theme in National Food Trucks, but there’s a reason for that). Their menu is divided simply with a couple items per category: Bahn Mi, Burritos, Tacos, and Enchiladas, plus some hand-made Eggrolls at the bottom.


            With an across-the-board exceptional standard in every category that makes a Food Truck a Food Truck, Vellee has always tied if not beaten my top picks in Best Area Food Truck; you’ll see why when you visit.

                   Food: 9.5

        I haven’t had a single item here that I didn’t love. It is still one of the best Bahn-Mi’s, if ever second it’s only to Scratch (to be fair that’s all they do). The pork is glazed beautifully, the pate is a rich, subtle smear, and the bread is exactly how it should be. Their Burrito has Short Ribs in it (for those unaware of how heavenly short ribs are…. Just eat this burrito, you shall see), the Sausage Bahn Mi is full and spicy (and sells out early), and the tacos are exactly what they should be.

         A half point is held simply because, though always good and consistant, it just barely falls short of that Orgasmic Perfection… though they are damn close.


Holdability: 9

         The Tacos and Enchilada are served in small baskets, so they need two hands, but despite those everything else is highly hand-holdable (we should make this a word….); the ones that aren’t have little to no risk of mess. Even if they do, the Tacos still have the double-tortillas to scoop things up (the best sign of any Taco selling place, they use TWO tortillas for each to sop up any juices and lime left over from the first, a great snack for after).

                 Price: 9

         Most things on the menu are either 7 or 8 dollars. If you’re looking for just a snack, they have Eggrolls for $4-5: you get 5 finger-sized, greasy good rich pork filled fellahs with a dipping sauce. Every item is indeed a full bang for your buck.

                 Speed: 8.5

        Never felt like I’ve had to “wait,” proper speed, which is pretty impressive for their not-so-simple items; not exceptional or super-fast, but I doubt anyone should be angry for their wait.

                 The TOE: 10

        The fact being, whatever it is, Vellee’s got it. You go there, you get the food, and when you walk away all you can think, besides the awesome food in your mouth, is that “this is a Food Truck, and what they should be.” Not all that over the top, but exactly what it should be in all the simplicity. And the name is a fun pun… it will probably haunt your dreams for a few nights.

                  Service: +2

         The guy at the Front remembered me every time I returned, even if it was a bit of a while between visits. I’ve had some nice chats and convos with them when there wasn’t a giant busy line. It’s a great atmosphere to have with a place.

            Tally: 48/50

Final Thoughts

              Go when you want a typical Food Truck experience and are craving either an Asian flavor or aren’t sure if you want a sandwhich, taco, or something else. If you’re doing a multi-truck sampling, get the Eggrolls, good snacks. Also great if you just need something to fill you up for cheap.